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About theMessages of True Life inGod Vassula was born in Egypt of Greek parents on 18 January 1942. She is married and has two grown-up boys. Although baptised into the Greek Orthodox Church she rarely thought of God until 1985 when she began to receiveDivineMessages. These have been named, by Jesus Himself, True Life in God. They have now been translated into over 40 languages and all the work has been done by volunteers; Vassula receives no royalties for any books published. In these Prophetic Messages (some of the prophecies have already been fulfilled) God is calling the whole of His creation to return to Love while asking Christians to unify His Body, His Church ( “Orthodox! Catholics! Protestants! You all belong toMe! You are all One in My Eyes!” ). Vassula’s mission is to go out and proclaim the Truth. She has now visited over 80 countries and has spoken in over 1100meetings, some with audiences as large as 100,000 people. True Life in God Messages are profoundly spiritual and are written in a clear and direct language. We are invited to enter into conversation with God substituting Vassula’s name in these texts for our own. Once having done that we are gently led into the mysteries of the Triune God and begin to grow in the Knowledge of God. Through the bounty of the Holy Spirit acting in us (Second Pentecost) we then begin to grow in God’s Love, Peace and Unity. Jesus’ prayer to the Father (John 17;21) “may they be one in Us, as You are in Me and I am in You, so that the worldmay believe it was You who sent Me;” will then be accomplished. Jesus explains about this prayer on 10 December 2001: “ My words intonatedwere meant that the whole of creation must be affected into a spiritual unity not a unity by a signed treaty; to fulfil My Words the churches must seek first humility and love, graces that can be obtained through the Holy Spirit and through a great repentance;” In recent Messages published under the title of Odes of the Holy Trinity, theHoly Trinity summarize the purpose of theseDivine Messages: to rediscover the revealed Truth and to enter into the spiritual espousal with God, the wedding feast of Apocalypse Chapter 21. In that union of creature withGod, God’sWill will be done on earth as it is inHeaven, for we will find true Life, the life inGod and withGod. This past September more than 80 prelates and 700 international pilgrims travelled in pilgrimage to Moscow, Russia in support of the Christian unity so ardently desired by Our Lord. As the country of predilection so dear to Our Lady of Fatima, Russia occupies an essential role in the TLIG ecclesiastically approved messages, particularly in these End Times; through the Holy Spirit’s outpouring upon her, God’s light of holiness will spread across the world and strengthen the bonds of Christian unity (TLIG, message of October 25, 1992). Presented in this newsletter are the many letters of appreciation from Cardinals to Ar- chbishops and from priests to laity that te- stify to the overwhelming good fruits expe- rienced. In reading these pages, one soon discovers the impressions of a lovingly pa- ternal God who gently exhorts his chil- dren to remain in the truth of Christ Jesus while respecting one another’s traditions. In his beloved Son the Creator and only source of life who breathed in us his Holy Spirit, unifies us, his children of royal descent. + Rev. J.L. Iannuzzi, STD My Soul is thirsting for this glorious moment, I mean to showMy splendour and My glory to every nation living under these skies, through your sister Russia, I shall dress her with My beauty and with My integrity, and I shall parade her to your brothers 3 so that they may see My beauty and My integrity through her and in her; daughter, the wedding of your sister’s conversion is soon to come; TLIG Messages, December 24, 1993 3.The Lord here means the Roman Catholics.