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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 29 The Moscow TLIG prayer group exists for 18 years since Vassula’s last visit to Moscow in 1999 and numbers now about 25 persons. The Russian TLIG prayer group was longing to meet her. We gathered in the hotel lobby and prepared to ask a lot of questions. Here are some of these questions and Vassula’s answers: Q. What is the main obstacle for the unity now?What can the ordinary people, like us, do to eliminate this obstacle? A. I think, there are prejudices that are still alive, there are interests, political interests, and I would say, lack of love. Because “humility and love” is the key. If this key is not used, then the unity is not there. Continue to do what you do. Organize retreats, because the unity will not come from above, it will come from the simplicity of heart, from the people below. Q. In a practical way, how do you rely on Jesus in your ordinary life? A. For instance, this year from January Jesus made me run, like never before. I had to go to many countries. First to Italy, then to Lebanon, again to Lebanon, then to Syria (it was very dangerous in Syria), to Spain, to Italy for a month, then I went to Vietnam, China, Philippines, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland. This is when I go out. When I am at home, I go to the supermarket, I clean the house. I like cooking and baking bread. I water the vegetables in the garden and I go out for coffee with my friends. But I also pray the Rosary, every day, I meet the prayer group, once a week, and we pray together.This is my life. Sometimes He calls me to receive a Message, and then I converse with Him. Q. When you answer the question, replying to somebody, is it inspired from above or you speak from yourself ? A. Sometimes I feel an urge, and I can say that it’s not me, really. Sometimes it’s me. But sometimes I say things that I don’t remember, because He cuts me and He makes me speak. Like my son. He was ten years old, when Jesus was teaching me about our Blessed Mother, that Her title in Heaven is “Mother of God”. My son came from school. He came into my room, looked at me and said: “Mary is the Mother of God, isn’t She?” He told it with authority. I looked at him and said: “Yes.” And he left. I thought: “How did he know?” I called him: “Fabian, come! What did you say?” He answered: “What?” “You told me that Mary is the Mother of God, didn’t you?”“No, I didn’t tell you anything.”It was like a signature.One day we gathered during the pilgrimage, sailing on the Sea of Galilee. The Scandinavians from TLIG wanted to talk to me. As we were discussing, they say that I told them: “I have to go up north, further north than Sweden.” But I don’t remember saying it.They answered: “But there is nobody there.” I said: “Yes, there is one soul.” I don’t speak like that, it’s not me. I don’t like cold countries, because I came from the desert, Egypt. So, after the pilgrimage I went home. In one week, the responsible people from Sweden called me and said: “You were right, there is one soul up north, who wants you to go there.” I said: “What are you telling me? I don’t understand. I don’t remember.” They insisted: “You told us this.” Then I understood that He wanted me to go up there, to Lapland. On the photographs taken during this meeting some people from the Russian prayer group saw Jesus’s Face on Vassula’s face, a sign showing that Vassula was transmitting Jesus’s Message. After the Pilgrimage these people felt like it miraculously happened in the other reality, and only photographs reminded them that the Pilgrimage took place in their city, Moscow. Besides this memorable meeting with Vassula, we strongly felt the grace of unity during the general meetings, prayers, liturgies, personal contacts, the whole program of the pilgrimage. This feast of unity was really a heavenly gift for all our group. It was also very important for our group that on the 9 th of September the pilgrims have visited the place near Moscow, named Semkhoz, where lived and was assassinated on the 9th of September in 1990 a famous orthodox priest, father Alexander Men. He was a unique missionary in the USSR. He preached the Christ and the Gospel in spite of severe persecutions by communist authorities. His bright personality, the very way of his life and mission bore testimony of living and loving Christ for thousands. Most probably, he was killed by KGB, and he died as a martyr.We were very glad to see how pilgrims from so many countries and denominations came to venerate his memory.We believe that he is glad too, because he is a man of unity. Glory be to God! Moscow TLIG Prayer Group