Russia TLIG Magazine

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 32 A Short Report of the Meeting at the Russian Department for External Church Relations Yolla Bechara asked the Russian Department for External Church Relations, hosted by Metropoli- tan Hilarion and the Eastern Church clergy, to partake in a meeting with the True Life in God pilgrimage clergy. One will notice that they write back to her, perhaps due to the fact that she had sent them the entire VIP attendance list of those who will be present at this general meeting. So, since they knew who was with us at the pilgrim- age, they attended that meeting. The invitation letter was originally written in Russian, signed by Metropolitan Hilarion who was in Athens while we were in Russia, and translated into English. It came from the Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations. It was an honour for our True Life in God pilgrimage to have had some contact with the Russian Church, especially since this correspondence came from this reputable Department and from Metropolitan Hilarion, who wrote the letter and signed it. We have to especially understand the first line that says, “On behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia” etc., and a passage from the second paragraph which states, “His Holiness welcomes the visit” etc. Metropolitan Hilarion is the second church authority figure in Russia after the Patriarch. I had met him privately, years back, at a private audience. Metropolitan Hilarion asked his assistant, Archimandrite Fr. Philaret, who is vice- chairman of this Department to meet us there during his absence. Fr. Philaret firstly spoke about the Department and then spoke somewhat about the Church of Russia. He then asked if we had any questions. Cardinal Toppo wanted firstly to speak about the reason for our visit to Russia; soon after, he introduced me and TLIG. Fr. Philaret actually had no questions. Then others spoke as well. Fr. Eugene spoke clearly about the importance of unifying the dates of Easter, which was very good. In the end, since time was short, I spoke briefly about my calling, the 32 year duration of the Messages and about the reason for our pilgrimage, before giving Fr. Philaret the translated version of the Russian Prophecies into booklets and the One Book in English. He spoke perfectly good English. I gave the same copies to Metropolitan Hilarion, dedicating the One Book to both. Valantis, the cameraman, video-taped our meeting. As another positive consequence, Fr. Philaret recognised Yolla and Theodora who had previously met him during our pilgrimage preparation period and befriended him then. He seemed delighted to recognise them and hugged themboth. Overall, the meeting went well, and we really thankMetropolitan Hilarion for welcoming the TLIG group on behalf of Patriarch Kirill. In Christ, Vassula