Russia TLIG Magazine

T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 79 Words of Appreciation Vassula responds to letters of appreciation from VIPs who participated in the TLIG pilgrimage in Russia. Dear Distinguished Guests, I thank you all very much for your kind and encouraging words of appreciation. Our gathering was indeed wonderful and we give glory to God who made our Pilgrimage realizable according to His Will and to put our speeches into action. I strongly believe that God wanted to assemble us in this way to show us through this gathering, that He, our Creator, the only Source of Life who breathed in us His Spirit giving us life, we all belong to Him and that we are all His Own, His children, infinitely loved by Him. We are blessed to be His seed, and of kingly descent. God wanted to remind us all that our world that is living in constant turmoil needs ambassa- dors of Love and Peace, who are unable to become self-satisfied, but are able to repay evil with love and sacrifice, becoming an image of holiness. And as Scriptures say: (Rm 13: 10) Love is the one thing that cannot hurt your neighbor; that is why it is the answer to every one of the Commandments. We met humbly in this way, as a big family to share not only this journey together but also our eagerness and willingness to find ways of how to bridge our divisions. It is written in our Scripture: (Rm 11: 33-36) How rich are the depths of God – how deep His Wisdom and Knowledge – and how impossible to penetrate His motives or understand His methods! Who could ever know the Mind of the Lord? Who could ever be His counsellor? Who could ever give Him anything or lend Him anything? All that exists comes from Him; all is by Him and for Him. To Him be glory for ever! Amen. I’m never ashamed to witness of my experience with Jesus, who is my Teacher, and my Coun- sellor and that all my spiritual knowledge comes from Him and the Father. I rely and relied entirely on the power of God who called me by His own grace, undeservedly, for His own purpose to be a witness of His Mercy, Love and Unity in diversity. I have always put my trust in God and always will. In Christ, Vassula Letters of Appreciation