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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 80 Dear Friend, I had my mental preparation of reciting my written poem in evening of the 9th September, 2017 i.e. during the valedictory speech session; but it has not been possible due to severe time constraint. For this reason, I have thought it appropriate to personally forward to you. Please read the poem which is self- explanatory and come forward without any laziness. With kindest regards. VASSULA RYDEN: AN ILLUSTRIOUS DAUGHTER ON EARTH For the last eight days, we have been gathered here, From all over the world, we are very near and dear. From all continents, we responded the call of Vassula Ryden, This venue has become the center of unity for men and women. Like the previous ones, we are in Ecumenical Pilgrimage, A congregation of peace, unity among people of all age. Vassula called all of us for ecumenism, unity and reconciliations, So to build a pure land of religious harmony among the nations. All her speeches, letters, essays have contributed on spirituality, The result of which we could see the real peace and tranquility. The divine messenger has not only united followers of all denominations, But also consolidated the people of other faiths and their inner visions. Vassula is complaisant, refulgent, prudent and enormously magnanimous, And Bangladeshi people of all faiths pay their homage to her so much. In recognition, she was accorded with both Visuddhananda and Atisha award, Which has augmented indeed her very life-long dedication and to move forward. Here are Philippine priests and laities of the country of Ramon Magsaysay Prize, In my mind, Vassula is the deserving personality of such an Asian Nobel size. I moreover humbly draw the attention of my Norwegian and Swedish friends, Nobel Prize for Peace – 2019 should be justifiably in our Vassula’s holy hands. Let us start the work plan and have a determined vision, All of us in respective countries shall initiate the mission. Let us approach to our parliament members of Inter-Parliamentary Union, Former Recipients, Professors, Academicians and others of all the region. Moreover, we shall proceed to the Members of Norwegian Nobel Committee, As well as former Permanent Advisors, Norsk Nobel Institute that are pretty. Let us send our strong recommendation for Vassula from each world corner, Who has greatly contributed in establishing peace, the illustrious fore-runner. Hello, Nobel Committee for Peace, please listen to our loud and united voice, Nobody can be so much deserving in present world, Vassula is our only choice. Under the very large umbrella of The True Life in God Foundation, Let us have concerted efforts to widely disseminate her peace mission. Long live Vassula Rydén with sound health and mind, Who earned world-wide reputation and are so much kind. SUJIT KUMAR BARUA R etired S enior D evelopment S pecialist , E mbassy of J apan , D haka and VP B angladesh B ouddha K risti P racher S angha , D haka , B angladesh