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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 85 H is G race A rchbishop S elwanos B outros A lnemeh , S yriac O rthodox M etropolitan of H oms , H ama and T artus Good morning to all of you beloved ones. We extend our love, appreciation and thanks to Mrs. Vassula and to the members of the organizing team with her, especially in Lebanon. It was a special pilgrimage, filled with an atmo- sphere of true love for God and for each other. We have felt the grace of God and had the opportunity to meet a great number of people from different countries and reli- gions.May God bless this good work that pleases His Holy Name. I hope that we will all be the ones who would do His Good Will on earth.Thank you for your love and let’s stay connected. Your brother Bishop Selwanos R ev F ather P eter Y ates CSWG Dear Theodora, I just wanted to say thank you to Vassula for inviting me and all the Pilgrimage Team for all [your] hard work and for everything we enjoyed in Moscow. Thanks also to Vassula for bringing us together and leading us through the Pilgrimage on the next part of the journey. I seemed the Lord used the occasion to teach us more about ourselves, especially in matters beyond the Church. He was showing us how to overcome our fears and uncertainties in going forward together under His direc- tion, prompted and encouraged by Vassula; which meant our trusting Vassula’s discernment, and all that the Messages spell out in terms of building bridges and peace. I have been asked to serve on an Inter-Faith group by our local Bishop; there may be an opportunity to speak about Moscow, and perhaps the Messages and Vas- sula too. With our grateful thanks as ever, F r . Y ouhanna (A saad ) Y oussef , P arish P riest of S t . G eorge G reek O rthodox C hurch in A l -M esherfeh , H oms , S yria Good morning brothers and sisters, Archbishop Selwanos and I have arrived yesterday evening to Syria, today we begin to rest. I would like to say that the days we have spent together in Russia in your company were of the most beautiful days that I have lived. I thank all those who organized and worked [hard] so we could have these beautiful experiences through the meetings, the bridges that we have built with all the brothers from all religions. I thank sister Vassula, who had the first blessing and prayers, and I thank all the team that was work- ing with her, Yolla, Theodora and everyone. I also thank Georges for the tiring preparations and Chadi who was translating so that we would feel comfortable. I also thank all of you for this openness and these initiatives so that we could build true relationships with each other. I pray that our Lord bless these relationships and make them last so we can remain one with each other and so that the bridges remain between us and flower peace and love in our societies.Thank you everyone, Amen! R abbi D r . A lon G oshen -G ottstein , F ounder and D irector -T he E lijah I nterfaith I nstitute I hope the pilgrimage finished well and all are happy. It was a wonderful experience for us and I am grateful we could bring something to the hundreds of participants. With love, Alon