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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 89 M r . C amel B echikh , S pokesman of F ils de F rance , F ounding member of L a M anif pour T ous B ordeaux on O ctober 7, 2017 Russia, the center of convergence between Western and Eastern religions, was a particularly appropriate place to bring together believers from all five continents. Pilgrimage for some, interreligious gathering for others, this week will remain engraved as a significant time for everyone. When the mystics mingle, there springs a universal view, the essential of which rests on the peace of Creation in its Creator. The meeting of beautiful souls, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists has reinforced in each of us the idea that we are each a brick dedicated to the construction of peace. Frankly, without taboos, let us continue this process of union in the face of modern hegemony nourished by individualism. It is a personal conviction that this gathering and the ones that will follow participate in showing the way. Thank you to those who gave their time, themselves, for this gathering to take place. Finally, thanks to Vassula’s tireless efforts, without whom nothing would have been possible. There are 24 Beth Myriams currently functioning in 16 coun- tries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, USA and Europe serving about half a million meals in 2014 to socially disadvantaged children, orphans, families, homeless, sick, elderly and those forgotten in the slums, regardless of their nationality, creed or social background. The BethMyriams provide cold and hot meals,oftenaccompaniedbyclothing,medicaltreatmentand schooling. Contribute at: BETH MYRIAM FEEDS THE POOR