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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 9 It seems to me therefore that the intelligent thing to do to is to understand that this filial relationship of each human being to God is totally independent of the idea we have of it. The tendency to hold back or to insist upon one’s one moralizing or conditional criteria or to relativize will hinder or contest this principle of filiation to God. Oh how difficult it can be at times to allow God the right to be God. God gave to each man the gift of sonship. And this gift means that upon each person is bestowed the infinite potentiality to be divinized by Him. It is because of this infinite potentiality, deposited within each man, that we may kneel before our brother.This is the very reason for which Jesus personally knelt in front of mortal humans (the washing of feet). In a recent speech dating from September, Pope Francis teaches us: “... make peace among men and do not listen to the voices of those who spread hatred and division. Human beings, as much as they are different from one another, were cre- ated to live together. Love people. Love them one by one. Respect the path of each one . ” 10 To conclude, let us be endlessly grateful to God for revealing Himself step by step to His people during the pilgrimage, to each according to their capacity to receive Him. More specifically, now that we have come to the end of the 2017 Moscow pilgrimage, let us give thanks to our faithful Jesus who has revealed to us in all delicacy the decisive step we must take towards freeing the Love locked in the cage of our Selves. It is the goal He gives us as we continue on our TLIG journey all together in the spirit of the ONE church. Let us not forget: Christian unity and the conversion of the world! I leave you with the following meditation of St. Francis de Sales: “We must leave the past to God’s Mercy, the future to His Providence and the present to our fidelity.” Jacques Gay 10 TLIG Message of March 1, 2010: “I need to see them gathered around one Altar, celebrating together in one voice: the Liturgy… your true destination and that is to Me; it will enable you as well to recognize Me in your neighbour and love him.” Go to Page Prophecies about Russia 2 December 24, 1993 4 March 11, 1988 27 August 30, 1991 41 December 13, 1993 49 December 13, 1993 & March 11, 1988 53 November 13, 1989 57 October 25, 1992 62 January 5, 1988 66 February 1, 1988 & July 21, 1992 74 September 3, 1991 Back Cover January 30, 1992